Beautiful Sunflower Earrings made with Multiple Colors of Fire Opal

  • $99.00

Experience colors of opal rarely seen in these patterns of Yellow Opal, Orange Opal and Green Fire Opal and get an artistic rendition of Sunflowers on a  bright Spring day.

Buy just the earrings $99, just the pendant $139, or, buy the set $238


The 1 inch earrings are set with yellow and orange opal in sterling silver and hung on surgical stainless steel earrings. $99


The 1 1/2" Pendant is set with yellow opal, orange opal, green fire opal and black Jet stone. It is also made with Sterling Silver and comes complete with an 18 inch Sterling Silver chain from Italy. PENDANT $139

These are unique, original and only made by The Inlay Artist. SET $238